How much do you charge for delivery?

We bring your office food from the city’s best restaurants at no additional cost.

Is there a minimum frequency of ordering that we have to commit to?

No, whether you want to utilize our service as a meal plan provider bringing you food daily, or spontaneously order on any given day, there is no minimum frequency of ordering required.

How big does my office have to be to qualify?

Our clients range from the bootstrapped startup to multi-national corporations, if you have hungry employees, we’ll bring the city’s best to their desks.

Does everybody in the office have to order from the same restaurant?

No, you can choose up to 4 restaurants at a give day, meaning that there is always a selection of more than one restaurant and one type of food to choose from.

How do we choose what restaurants we want to order from?

Our platform has an easy to use, drag-and-drop function for account managers to browse through and choose the restaurants that are made available for an office up to 7 days in advance.

Our company pays for our meals; do you offer meal expense coverage?

Absolutely! You can set a $ amount limit to every employee separately. Which means you no longer have to ask for invoices and expensing forms.

Each employee pays for their own meals at the office? How do we pay?

You can have each employee pay for their individual order on checkout, we accept all credit and debit cards for that purpose.

Do you offer invoicing?

Invoicing solutions are available to most companies (at no additional charge!) talk to us, and we’ll get you on a payment plan that works for you and your accountants!

When does our food arrive?

Lunchtime meals arrive between 12-1, have a special request? We can accommodate other times if you prefer that.

Do we have to order food in advance?

No, you can order your lunch on the same day. Additionally, you can see the menus for the week ahead and order 7 days in advance.

How do we know whose food is in which package!?

Our meals are delivered with anti-tampering packaging, and each item is labelled separately with the name of the employee.

What is a hungerhub administrator?

An office administrator can be any employee in a company that wants to take control of the company’s account. The administrator is the person who adds employees to the plan as well as have the capability to select restaurants, in addition, account managers are invited to special tasting events and are always welcome to provide us with suggestions to improve our service.

Who can become a hungerhub account manager?

Anybody in the office! All you have to do is sign-up, add the employees in your team and pick the restaurants you want to make available for lunch.


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